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Blabberize – Better than Voki?

Posted on : 03-02-2011 | By : rmmadden | In : Uncategorized



Link to Blabberize


Link to Sample Blabberize


In some ways, Blabberize is better than Voki.  The main difference is that Blabberize allows you to upload your own images or pictures to its server.  You then manipulate a “blob” over the lower lip of your “subject”, record or upload audio, and then watch/listen to the picture “talk”.  This could be great for historical figures, even those in paintings, or for finding people or drawings that look like characters in books.  While you can have more than one “character” in the photo talking, I don’t think you can make them take turns talking.  Ah well!  Perhaps in the next version?


  • Able to upload your own pictures
  • Also able to upload your pre-recorded audio or record it on their site.  OR you can use your phone to “phone it in”.  Wouldn’t Ferris be proud?
  • Can share a link or embed finished product into your website
  • Easy to understand and use interface


  • Sometimes the mouth animation can be a bit tricky to get working correctly


  • Recreate what a historical figure would have said
  • Recreate what a fictional character would have said
  • Get really creative and do the same with a type of rock, instrument, fraction, or any other curricular concept/object that could explain itself
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